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TV Nova s.r.o.


Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist for Nova AI Centre

We are starting Nova AI Team from scratch and we’re open and honest about it. We want to create a small, agile, and cross-functional team that will build meaningful AI/ML products for Nova and for the whole CME group. This team should have a right mix of Machine Learning engineers and Data Scientists on various levels of seniority, orchestrated by a Product Owner.

If you’re a self-driven ML-oriented maker, we might be a great fit together.

We are the biggest commercial television in Central Europe, building also own video streaming platform serving 500 000+ subscribers – and this is definitely a place where you can make a difference and push us more towards state-of-the-art AI world.

Your workday:

  • building end-to-end data science pipelines from data cleaning, through exploratory analysis, predictive modelling, testing, deployment and MLOps
  • cracking real-life data science problems and finding solutions
  • productionalization of machine learning models (if you’re more on the ML engineering side)
  • hands-on building models and/or pipelines on cloud-based Keboola, using mostly Python
  • data processing
  • integration of new data sources to Keboola (more on the engineering side)
  • participation in Scrum-like lean development orchestrated by a Product Owner
  • using your self-drive and motivation to come up with new features and solutions, driving the ML product forward
  • mentoring more junior teammates, learning from more senior teammates
  • actively learning and searching new info from sources like FastAI, HuggingFace, Coursera, Kaggle, or Andrej Karpathy’s videos


It’s pretty simple: money, non-asshole team, non-bullshit boss, stability, meaningful AI projects and decent ML tech-stack (it’s going to be one of your roles to push it to a cutting edge tech-stack). And some nice benefits that include also Voyo subscription for free.

You’ll also get mentoring from our senior AI advisor ( who is helping us build and kick-off the team.

You can have a hybrid work mode: a part of the week from home (e.g., deep work, coding), a part in the office (e.g., team meetings, Scrum events, brainstorming, pair coding, code revision).

If you live far from Prague, we can arrange a special mode fore you – 1 day in the office per week, as long as you’re able to stay productive, creative and fully in touch with your team using online tools.


What is essential

  • very good coding and engineering skills (especially if you’re on the ML engineering side)
  • skills around data science pipeline appropriate to your self-assessed seniority level (especially if you’re on the data science side)
  • strong analytical skills, hacking mindset and creativity
  • university degree and/or relevant work experience
  • very good skills in a major programming language relevant to the field (Python, R, Julia, Java, Scala, etc.)
  • familiarity with SQL
  • English in full professional proficiency (you will communicate with non-Czech speakers very often)

What is optional

  • master’s degree in computer science is a plus
  • proven and demonstrable track record is a big plus (e.g. personal GitHub, hackathons, redacted/anonymised demonstration of previous projects in real business, etc.)
  • experience and hands-on involvement with deployed ML pipelines in business environment is a big plus
  • hands-on experience with cloud platforms for big data and machine learning is a big plus
  • Czech in full professional proficiency is a bonus if you want to be on the senior level and be in the contact with business stakeholders
  • being a Bash-magician or a Perl-oneliner-lover is a plus

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