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PPF Group at a Glance

PPF Group is an international investment group founded in 1991 in the Czech Republic.

Markets in which PPF Group operates:

Czech Republic, Russia, Bulgaria, Croatia, China, Slovakia, Netherlands, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, USA, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, India, Montenegro, Indonesia, Philippines, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, France, Great Britain, Finland, Turkey

Selected financial indicators

In EUR millions, according to IFRS    
Total assets 43,730 As at 30. 06. 2020
Equity* 8,840 As at 30. 06. 2020
Profit after tax* -384 As at 30. 06. 2020

*Attributable to owners of the Parent

PPF Group’s corporate ownership and management structure is domiciled in the Netherlands. The key holding company that takes strategic decisions about the Group’s activities is PPF Group N.V. registered in Amsterdam.

PPF Group N.V. company description

Date of incorporation 29 December 1994
Registered office Strawinskylaan 933, 1077XX Amsterdam, Netherlands
Registration number 33264887
Share capital EUR 624,010
Description of business activities Holding company for the Group, financing


Petr Kellner, founder and majority shareholder; share of voting rights: 98.93 %
Ladislav Bartoníček: 0.535 %
Jean-Pascal Duvieusart: 0.535 %

Core industry sectors for PPF Group:

  • Financial services, banking
  • Telecommunications
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Agriculture

Number of employees in PPF Group companies as at 31 December 2020: 94 thousand.

Current tax expense paid in countries where PPF Group operates: EUR 385 million.

PPF Group in the country of its origin – the Czech Republic:

PPF Group was founded in the Czech Republic in 1991. Over time, it evolved into an international investment group and has expanded not only in Europe, but through its portfolio companies into Russia, Asia and the United States. In the Czech Republic, PPF Group continues to operate in the fields of banking and financial services, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, real estate and biotechnology. Among its newest companies in the country are Air Bank - an innovative retail banking project - and the biotech company SOTIO.


  • PPF Group portfolio companies employ almost 15,200 people in the Czech Republic
  • Selected Czech companies within PPF Group, which are responsible for or provide support to the Group’s overseas activities, include:
    • PPF a.s.
    • Home Credit International a.s.
    • SOTIO a.s.
    • PPF Real Estate s.r.o.

These companies support more than 1,460 jobs in the Czech Republic, primarily due to international expansion and the continuing development of the Group’s businesses.

Taxes and contributions

  • PPF Group portfolio companies paid CZK 3.0 billion in income tax in the Czech Republic in 2019 making PPF Group one of the top 10 tax payers, according to data disclosed by the Ministry of Finance
  • PPF Group portfolio companies also paid CZK 3.6 billion in social security and health insurance contributions to the Czech state in 2019.


  • PPF Group contributed 283 million CZK in donations to charitable causes in 2019