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Head of PPF Bartoníček Exclusive: We Want to Acquire Telecoms and Media After the tragic death of Petr Kellner, his close associate and friend, Ladislav Bartoníček, took the reins of PPF, the largest business group in the country. PPF Group 04/09/2021
Události, komentáře: The future of Kellner's business empire The media’s image of Kellner is different than the reality. Everyone who met him left saying: He’s completely normal! He lived a rather normal life considering how wealthy he was. He had normal friends. He had hobbies. He loved his family, work, sports, and the Czech Republic. ČT24 - Události, komentáře PPF Group 03/30/2021 PPF Will Be Different Without the Boss Around, But We’re Prepared to Continue Working at Full Speed, CFO Jirásková Says She was among the closest people working with Petr Kellner in recent years. As Chief Financial Officer of PPF, Kateřina Jirásková has detailed knowledge of capital flows, the most important strategies, new partnerships, and deals. She will have to utilize all that in the coming weeks and months to defend PPF’s interests as well as those of Petr Kellner’s family. PPF Group 03/29/2021
We want to have a say in things “Out of the approximately 400 programs we analyze annually, only one or two result in a successfully completed transaction,” says Radek Špíšek, CEO of the biotechnology company Sotio. Tydenik HROT SOTIO 03/08/2021
Didier Stoessel, Chief Executive Officer at CME: In this new world, content is still king, but distribution is queen The foundation is quality content, and, in this respect, we have very ambitious plans Central European Media Enterprises 02/05/2021
Kellner’s billion-dollar roulette. It will soon be revealed whether PPF has a treatment for cancer Petr Kellner has been playing biotech roulette for ten years. At least, this is how Radek Špíšek, professor of immunology and the head of SOTIO from the PPF Group, describes the company’s activities. The chances of winning, i.e., finding a new treatment for cancer, are still uncertain. SOTIO 10/08/2020
With fewer and fewer of its own vendors, betting on technology is the right way forward for Home Credit. Covid has only speeded up the changes, says PPF’s Chief Financial Officer Kateřina Jirásková is one of financier Petr Kellner’s closest associates. In PPF Group’s last annual report, she chose the motto “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” to accompany her profile. PPF Group 09/26/2020
COVID will hurt us. But we at PPF are experts in the crisis, the shareholder says PPF is a quite diversified holding, diversified geographically and across different sectors: about 40 per cent of our business is in Europe, 20 per cent in Russia, 30 per cent in Asia. Then, from a different angle: about 50 per cent of PPF is financial services, over 30% is telecoms, about 10 per cent is real estate and the rest is engineering and biotechnology. SeznamZprá PPF Group 07/21/2020
The Rich Will Have to Help, Says Billionaire Šmejc Jiří Šmejc, co-owner of Home Credit and Petr Kellner’s long-term business partner, spends his life travelling between Europe, Asia, Russia and America. He is currently staying in Prague during the coronavirus crisis. How does he think the pandemic will affect business? Home Credit 04/06/2020 Kellner’s record-breaking gift: We are combating a virus that will change the world “The material is in China at this point; it is being shipped to storage in Shanghai and all the paperwork required for the export is being taken care of,” says Vladimír Mlynář, PPF’s Chief of Public and Government Relations. SeznamZprá PPF Group 03/17/2020
Michal Frankl (CETIN): We will build a million optical connections. We want to compete with O2 in the auction for 5G frequencies. We want to take part in the auction for 5G frequencies, build a national mobile network and lease it on a wholesale basis, says the Strategy and Business Support Director of CETIN. CETIN 02/25/2020 Why Are We Buying Media? PPF Minority Shareholder Ladislav Bartoníček Explains Kellner’s Plans PPF is expanding in a new sector: media. The group’s media strategy is explained in a Seznam interview with Ladislav Bartoníček, PPF minority shareholder responsible for telecommunications. Seznam Zpravy PPF Group 11/18/2019
And then Kellner called Nine years ago, immunologist Radek Špíšek was on course for a stellar career in medicine. That was until he took up an offer from Petr Kellner, Czech Republic’s richest man, to develop pharmaceutical firm SOTIO: “an ambitious goal for the Czech Republic.” Hospodářské noviny SOTIO 05/03/2019