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PPF Telecom Group

Telenor CEE

Telenor CEE operators provide telecommunications services to millions of customers in Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro.

Telenor’s leadership and very strong brand in these markets is built on a long-term strategy that pursues mobile network excellence and a first-class customer experience, backed up by wide-ranging charitable and community-based activities.

Telenor CEE

At the end of 2020, the region’s four Telenor operators had more than 10 million customers and approximately 4,200 employees. Measured by revenue, Telenor is the number one in Bulgaria, Serbia, and Montenegro, and the number two in Hungary.

Telenor CEE in Individual Markets

Mobile market position Market share Number of customers (millions)
Bulgaria 1 35% 2.9
Hungary 2 29% 3.0
Serbia 1 35% 2.7
Montenegro 1 33% 0.3

“We continuously develop our business model and customer approach in order to deliver products and services on a par with the most advanced markets, thus ensuring that we are strongly positioned for the future.”

Marek Sláčík

Executive Director TMT CEE, PPF Telecom Group

Telenor CEE in Individual Markets

Marek Sláčík


Telenor Hungary

H-2045 Törökbálint, Pannon út 1

Telenor Bulgaria

Business Park Sofia, Mladost 4, B 6
1766 Sofia

Telenor Serbia

Omladinskih brigada 90
11070 Belgrade

Telenor Montenegro

Rimski trg 4