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    Consortium of AVE, DEKONTA, ECOSOIL and PPF will come with significantly lower price offer in the public tender on removal of environmental burden in the Czech Republic

    The consortium welcomes the decision of the Czech anti-monopoly office (UOHS), which has returned the consortium back to the tender announced by the Czech Ministry of Finance. The antitrust office’s decision contributes to the strengthening of key parameters, which are extremely important for success of the public tender. It improves transparency of the tender and overcomes various non-proved objections from the first round of the tender. The government will definitely benefit from higher number of tender participants, which could bring a better price, thus lower expenditures for the state budget.

    Consortium’s experts, both lawyers and environmental clean-up specialists, have dedicated a plenty of time and effort to a solid preparations of the tender documentation, as well as appellations to the antitrust office. Arguments in favour of the consortium are ultimate and strong.

    The consortium therefore declares that it is willing to accept voluntarily reduction of the time needed for analyses of the tender documentation in so called dataroom – to roughly 30-50 days. The existing tender timeline would not be dramatically distorted.

    Based on information available, as well as on its own analyses and calculations the consortium will be able to come with a significantly lower price offer, compared to the expected maximum level according to the current calculations made by the Ministry of Finance.

    Says Alexej Bechtin, a Spokesperson for PPF Group, which is a leader of the consortium: “We are delighted that the Anti-monopoly Office acknowledged our expert and legal arguments. We have been working hard, being devoted to our offer for the public tender. Our consortium has enough professionals, experience and resources available to undertake such huge clean-up work by its own. We can anyway declare right now, that a significantly lower final price offer could be expected from our side – compared to the ultimate boundary published so far. We will be able to precise the amount after the dataroom is closed.”

    Notes for the editors:

    1. AVE CZ odpadové hospodářství s.r.o. is a part of Upper Austrian infrastructure concern Energie AG Oberösterreich. AVE CZ belongs to top three companies in the Czech Republic dealing with the waste management. AVE CZ is also a renown partner and supplier in projects focused on the remediation of old environmental burden. The company’s consolidated turnover exceeded CZK 2 billion in 2008 with the staff of more than 1,300 employees. The company has been active on the Czech market since 1993. During the recent four years AVE CZ has regularly been placed among the Czech 100 Best Companies rating.

    2. DEKONTA a.s. is a privately owned Czech company operating in the Czech Republic since 1992. During the years DEKONTA became number one on the Czech market in the area of old environmental burden removal, as well as in industrial emergency services and biotechnological soil cleansing. DEKONTA has cleaned hundreds of sites with millions of tuns of soil in the Czech Republic. The company won the CZECH TOP 100 competition in Profitability category, in 2002.

    3. ECOSOIL Süd GmbH is a part of the ECOSOIL-Group, one of the largest international companies in the area of environmental protection and construction, with the annual turnover of EUR 160 mil. In Germany ECOSOIL-Group is number one company in brownfield and dump redevelopment, in demolitions, site decontamination and dangerous waste treatment. The company has a long-term experience by dealing with large environmental projects in Europe and all over the world. ECOSOIL Süd GmbH employs 200 people and operates through regional branches in Frankfurt, München, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Zurich and Budapest, as well as through subsidiary companies in the Czech Republic and Romania.

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