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ESG investment in Asia is still in its infancy

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21/10/2022 | 1 minuta čtení

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Unlike the adoption of climate targets in business strategies, ESG investment in Asia is still in its infancy. Some of the main obstacles are the lack of a robust enough framework, a proper taxonomy or investment philosophy processes.

In Europe and the US, it took years before the infrastructure was ripe to take off. There is a lack of ESG specialization among Asian asset managers and even more so, among retail investors.

 Like in the West, for Asian investors sustainable topics are important[1]:

  • 60% of retail investors in the APAC region recognize the importance of sustainable investing.
  • 54% investors would like to use their money to make a positive change in the world.
  • Mainland China and Singapore are the two markets where investors are most interested in realizing positive change through investing.
  • However, 36% feel there is a trade-off between investing sustainably and achieving a good return.
  • 49% feel sustainable investments and their providers lack regulatory oversight in relation to the promises they make.[2]
  • In terms of the asset size of ESG funds, Asia still lags far behind the West. The bulk of the global $2.5 trillion ESG funds’ assets is located in Europe (82%) and the US (12%). APAC makes up roughly 3.5%, which translates into 86 billion.
  • In the APAC Region, 70% of the ESG assets are located in Mainland China, followed by Japan (30%), Taiwan (8%) and South Korea (4.7%).[3]

[1] https://www.eco-business.com/news/esg-investing-in-asia-from-niche-to-mainstream/

[2] https://www.theasset.com/article-esg/47405/asia-pacific-investors-see-value-in-sustainability

[3] https://www.morningstar.com/lp/global-esg-flows

Global Sustainable Funds in Q2, 2022:

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