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Air Bank

Air Bank is a modern and innovative 21st century Czech bank offering a new generation of online banking and running its own branch network.

It officially started its operations in the Czech Republic in November 2011 with a view to be the first bank that people can like. Air Bank’s key values include simplicity, courage, user-friendly approach and transparency. For managing an account, Air Bank’s clients have a choice of two pricing programmes. The Maly tarif (Small Tariff) pricing scheme has no monthly charges; clients only pay for certain transactions. Under the Velky tarif (Big Tariff) scheme customers receive all everyday services free of charge, including withdrawals from ATMs throughout the European Union.

In November 2016, five years since its start, Air Bank had more than 700 employees, 34 branches in major Czech cities, and more than 500,000 customers, and it managed deposits in excess of CZK 75 billion.

Air Bank features the following advantages:

  • Current accounts with no absurd charges and which attract the same rate of interest as saving accounts
  • Consumer loans without charges but with rewards for timely repayment
  • A mortgage that can be repaid anytime without restrictions
  • Clear and easy to use online banking
  • Innovative branches without counters, open in the evening and over weekends
  • All services are accessible under the same conditions via the internet, branches and the call centre
  • Cash can be withdrawn at 1,000 Sazka lottery points of sale
  • Satisfaction guarantee: charges are refunded if clients are not satisfied


  • June 2010: Brusson a.s. applied to the Czech National Bank for a banking licence
  • May 2011: The Czech National Bank awarded the licence to Brusson a.s. with effect from 31 May 2011
  • 3 June 2011: Brusson a.s. renamed Air Bank a.s. in the Companies Register
  • 22 November 2011: Air Bank a.s. officially launched operations and opened its first branches

Air Bank: Key Business Highlights

  2017 2016
PPF Group share 88.62% 88.62%
Net profit (EUR millions) 23 9
Total assets (EUR millions) 3,840 3,212
Equity (EUR millions) 241 200
Number of employees 767 730

Air Bank: Management as of 21 February 2019

Board of Directors Michal Strcula, Chairman
Pavel Pfauser, Member
Luboš Berkovec, Member
Supervisory Board Pavel Rozehnal, Chairman
Radek Pluhař, Member
Robert Štefl, Member
Management Michal Strcula, Chief Executive Officer


Evropská 2690/17
160 00 Prague 6
The Czech Republic

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