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Petr Kellner

"We love to seek out how to do things better. Success is when you leave something behind for others."

Kateřina JiráskováCFO, PPF Group

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In the Works


CETIN and 02 switching Czechia to 5G

PPF Telecom Group companies have launched a major revamp of the mobile network across the Czech Republic. The billions of crowns that CETIN is investing in upgrading its network for the transition to 5G technology include the replacement of radio technology. Ericsson equipment will make it possible to use all of O2’s frequency bands in both 4G and 5G.

As part of this change of technology, the old 3G network will be phased out in a move that will free up frequencies for high-speed data services so that 5G technologies can be deployed in the nationwide 1800 MHz band and the high-capacity 3.7 GHz band. The entire network upgrade in the Czech Republic should be completed within three years.


The Czech Republic’s Index of Cancer Preparedness

Biotechnology company SOTIO and its parent PPF Group have signed an agreement with The Economist Intelligence Unit to join the prestigious global Index of Cancer Preparedness, an initiative which has long been monitoring and running international comparisons of the standard of healthcare in the field of cancer prevention and treatment.

The initiative facilitates the transfer of innovative practice and knowledge so that data and information can be provided for the further development and provision of cancer treatment and care. So far, the index has involved 28 countries, including the US, China, Russia and France, where SOTIO has a long-standing presence. The agreement will make the Czech Republic the 29th country.