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Petr Kellner

"We love to seek out how to do things better. Success is when you leave something behind for others."

Jean-Pascal DuvieusartShareholder, PPF Group N.V.

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Digitalization of financial services opens up limitless opportunities for growth in our business. Clients gain better access to services, can make use of flexible products, and experience greater financial inclusion.

Kateřina Jirásková

Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, PPF Group

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In the Works


Synergies at PPF Group

Two PPF Group brands have rolled out a joint pilot project to introduce new services to further develop Voyo, the successful SVoD streaming platform. O2 Czech Republic, the largest telecommunications operator in the Czech Republic, is also the largest internet television broadcaster with its O2 TV service. Nova, which runs Voyo, is the strongest commercial broadcaster in the Czech Republic and a highly successful commercial television station elsewhere in Europe.

As well as watching Voyo, O2 customers can now also view content from selected Nova television channels, including exclusive sports coverage and films. The two companies are planning to monitor the success of their partnership while expanding the content and diversity of this new customer package, which is available nowhere else on the market.


Škoda Group develops anti-collision system for the future mobility

The future of mobility brings driverless vehicles moving in short succession, capable of ensuring the safety of passengers and other road users. An important step in the development of autonomous vehicles are anti-collision systems, which observe their surroundings and identify obstacles using a number of features. The Škoda Group's R&D team has embarked on the development of its own anti-collision solution.

This new anti-collision system creates a virtual tunnel in front of the vehicle, in which it detects all static and dynamic obstacles. If it detects a potential risk situation, it issues alert and activates the emergency brake. The entire environment is monitored by a sensor suite that includes LiDAR, an IMU unit and a camera. The LiDAR is responsible for 3D mapping of the environment within a range of 100-150 metres in both horizontal and vertical fields of view. The IMU unit helps the anti-collision system to be aligned with the road or track profile plus an additional camera provides high resolution 2D images for more details. Škoda Group plans to launch the anticollision system in 2023.