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Social Responsibility

PPF Group has long supported non-profit projects in culture, education, the development of civil society, and scientific research everywhere it operates.

In the Czech Republic, we primarily support projects, people, and institutions that focus their efforts and talents on developing Czech society, are inspirational to others, and help pave the way for openness, mutual respect, and opportunities for people to follow their own path and make their mark on the world.

PPF Group provides international support through its own projects and foundations that have consistently focused on specific areas that tap into their expertise and capitalize on their line or place of business while working with the public sector and local communities.

Worldwide Charitable Donations in 2023


CZK Million

Dedicated to non-profit and CSR projects, support for education, culture and sports, healthcare and local communities

CSR in the Czech Republic


CZK Billion

PPF’s contributions to support non-profit activities since its founding

Everyone should accept their share of responsibility for the world around them. For a small country like the Czech Republic, everyone with talent who is willing to work to achieve their dreams, grow, and step into the wider world is a precious commodity. They need to be helped on their way, because their dreams and hard work are a conduit for many others to develop and become successful.

Jana Tomas Sedláčková, Head of Nonprofit Projects, PPF Group and Trustee, PPF Foundation

Our Support

Charitable Contributions


CZK Million

Total value of support donated since the creation of the foundation in 2019.

Support Provided



Supported by the foundation's contributions in 2019.

Our projects


Since its inception 18 years ago, PPF Art has worked hard to promote its collections, support artists and cultivate the Czech arts scene. It adheres to the highest standards in curating art, building relationships with artists and art professionals, and maintaining the artworks on display. Over the years, PPF Art has collected 2,587 photographs by 295 artists to create one of the largest collections of Czech and Slovak photography. PPF Art also curates a sizeable collection of 340 paintings and sculptures by 138 artists. Forty-six of these artworks are currently on long-term loan to galleries.

PPF Art’s acquisitions in 2023 included paintings by the well-known contemporary Czech artist Ivana Lomová, whose Mia Camera exhibition at the Václav Špála Gallery received excellent reviews (“an exhibition that will go down in history,” raved the newspaper Lidové noviny).

It also purchased 19 photographs by the contemporary photographer Ondřej Přibyl (1978), an experimental artist who uncovers and explores ordinarily invisible and unseen aspects of the real world.

Last year, PPF Art acquired a historical treasure of late 19th century and early 20th century photographs. Works by Rudolf Bruner-Dvořák, Jindřich Eckert, František Fridrich and other photographers were also collected in the fi rst instalment of a larger acquisition plan designed not only to map a vanished world captured in vintage photographs but also to express high artistic value.

A public exhibition of photographs by Běla Kolařová and Ladislav Sitenský from the PPF Art collections, staged at the Brussels headquarters of the Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the EU during the Czech EU Presidency, was extended into 2023.

The Josef Sudek Studio, a Prague gallery run by PPF Art, underwent a major refurbishment in 2023 that included the renovation of a passageway connecting this old building in the historical centre of Prague. In 2000, PPF Group built a replica of Josef Sudek’s original photography studio, which had been destroyed by fire in 1985. The latest renovation, funded by the PPF Foundation and completed in December 2023, has given the Josef Sudek Studio the new and dignified entrance it undeniably deserves.

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Interesting Facts

Fine Art Collection


Works of art

Stored in depositories or exhibited at PPF headquarters.

Collection of Photographs

2 587


In the PPF photography collection.




At the Václav Špála Gallery and Josef Sudek Studio.

Collections, Studio, and Gallery




On view: Martin Gerboc, COMEDY

28/06 – 29/08/2024
Václav Špála Gallery



On view: Josef Sudek, Music keeps playing

28/6 – 31/08/2024
Josef Sudek Studio


Mindful of its corporate social responsibility, PPF Group and all its companies have long supported non-profit projects with clear ties to the regions and places where they operate. We focus primarily on education, financial literacy, and support for culture and civil society.

Wherever PPF Group operates, it plays an active role in current events that have a significant impact on society. We are ready to quickly and flexibly react to local and international crises.

PPF supports projects that provide support across the globe either through its foundations or directly through PPF Group companies.