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O2 Czech Republic

O2 is the biggest telecommunications operator in the Czech Republic. (From PPF Group’s viewpoint, the relationship between PPF and O2 is one of financial investment; PPF Group does not play any role in the commercial management of the company.)

O2 currently manages almost eight million mobile and fixed lines. The company offers the latest HSPA+ and LTE technology to mobile customers in the Czech Republic. In 2012 and 2013, O2 completely revolutionised the Czech telecoms market when it became the first operator in the country to allow virtual operators to access its own network, and launched its innovative range of “FREE” unlimited tariffs in the spring of 2013.

O2 has the most comprehensive range of voice and data services in the Czech Republic; we devote particular attention to leveraging growth potential, mainly in ICT. Thanks to data centres covering in aggregate 7,300 square metres, O2 is one of the largest players in hosting and cloud services, as well as in managed services. O2 is the only operator in the Czech Republic and Central Europe to receive Tier III certification for its data centres.

With its O2 TV service, O2 is also the largest online television operator in the Czech Republic.

In Slovakia, where O2 has been active since 2007, the company had more than 2 million mobile customers at the end of 2018.

PPF Group’s current share in the company O2 Czech Republic a.s. is 81.06%*.

* Direct stake in the registered capital as of 31 December 2018

O2 Czech Republic a.s.: Key Business Highlights (consolidated)

  2019 2018
Revenues (EUR millions) 1,510 1,481
EBITDA (EUR millions) 492 435
Total assets (EUR millions) 1,680 1,405
Net profit (EUR millions) 213 212
Total equity (EUR millions) 558 592


O2 Czech Republic a.s.: Governing Bodies as at 14 January 2019

Board of Directors Jindřich Fremuth, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Tomáš Kouřil, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors
Václav Zakouřil, Member of the Board of Directors
Supervisory Board Ladislav Bartoníček, Chairman of Supervisory Board
Pavel Milec, Vice-Chairman of Supervisory Board
Kateřina Pospíšilová, Member of Supervisory Board


Za Brumlovkou 266/2
140 22 Prague 4 - Michle
Czech Republic

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