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PPF banka

PPF banka is a specialised corporate and investment bank providing financial advisory, banking and investment services.

The bank works with a range of corporate, SME and municipal clients across the Czech Republic, CEE and international markets.

  • PPF banka focuses primarily on corporate and municipal clients, including local government entities and local authorities, and provides private banking services.
  • PPF banka is one of the largest securities traders on the Prague Securities Exchange.
  • PPF banka also serves as the central treasury bank for PPF Group and provides services to the Group in 12 countries worldwide.

PPF banka was founded in 1992 and then operated in the Czech market as Prvni mestska banka. PPF Group became the majority shareholder in 2002 and the City of Prague remains a minority shareholder. PPF banka is a member of the following institutions:

  • Czech Banking Association
  • Czech Institute of Internal Auditors
  • Union of Banks and Insurance Companies
  • Chamber of Commerce in Prague
  • Prague Stock Exchange
  • Chamber of Trade and Industry for CIS Countries
  • Bank Card Association
  • International Swaps and Derivatives Association, ISDA

PPF banka: Key Business Highlights

  2019 2018
PPF Group share 92.96% 92.96%
Net profit (EUR millions) 81 85
Total assets (EUR millions) 8,932 9,150
Equity (EUR millions) 563 452
Number of employees 232 248

PPF banka: Management as of 31st December, 2019

Board of Directors Petr Jirasko, Chairman of the Board of Directors
Jaroslava Studenovska, Vice-Chairwoman of the Board of Directors
Miroslav Hudec, Member of the Board of Directors
Gabriela Mosovska, Member of the Board of Directors
Igor Kottman, Member of the Board of Directors
Supervisory Board Ladislav Chvatal, Chairman of Supervisory Board
Jiri Janousek, Vice-Chairman of Supervisory Board
Tomas Kaplan, Member of Supervisory Board
Lenka Baramova, Member of Supervisory Board
Bohuslav Samec, Member of Supervisory Board
Martin Hybl, Member of Supervisory Board
Top executive team Petr Jirasko, Chief Executive Officer
Jaroslava Studenovska, Managing Director, Operations
Karel Tregler, Managing Director, Financial Markets
Igor Kottman, Director, Sales Department
Miroslav Hudec, Chief Finance Officer
Gabriela Mosovska, Managing Director, Risk Management
David Marek, Managing Director, IT


Evropská 2690/17
160 41 Prague 6
The Czech Republic
Phone: +420 224 175 888
Fax: +420 224 175 980

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