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SOTIO is an international biotechnology company dedicated to the research and development of new medical therapies, focusing on the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.

SOTIO spearheads PPF Group’s drive to build a diverse biotechnology portfolio. To achieve this it uses its own research & development, as well as collaborations, in-licensing, investments, and mergers & acquisitions. The most advanced project is its proprietary platform of active cellular immunotherapy (ACI) on the basis of dendritic cells. SOTIO is verifying the safety and efficacy of its DCVAC products through multiple Phase I to Phase III clinical trials. 

A key Phase III international clinical trial focused on prostate cancer patients was launched in 2014. SOTIO is also running another nine Phase II and Phase I/II clinical trials intended for prostate, ovarian and lung cancer patients. Several other clinical trials are also being prepared. 

SOTIO is always looking to partner with other companies and institutions that develop promising oncology therapeutics. Working with its sister company Accord Research, SOTIO is responsible for pre-clinical and clinical development for the other biotechnology companies that are affiliated with PPF or SOTIO through equity or contracts. These currently include France-based Cytune Pharma and Switzerland-based NBE-Therapeutics. SOTIO has facilities in Europe, the United States, China and Russia and has all the functionalities needed for research, clinical development and market access in-house. 

In 2011, SOTIO built its own state of the art production and research facility in Holešovice, Prague, one of the largest and most modern of its kind in Europe. These super clean laboratories meet the most stringent requirements for the sterile production of the drugs used in cellular therapy. The company also opened similar laboratories in Beijing, China, in 2014.

The SOTIO Group’s largest company, SOTIO a.s., is based in Prague. The Group also includes companies in the U.S., Russia, and China. The SOTIO Group employs around 340 professionals (as of December 31, 2016).

The company has been part of PPF Group since 2012.

SOTIO N.V.: Management as at June 1, 2015

Board of Directors Mr. Marcel Marinus van Santen, Director
Jan Cornelis Jansen, Director


SOTIO a.s.
Jankovcova 1518/2
170 00 Prague 7
The Czech Republic
Phone: +420 224 175 111

Strawinskylaan 933
1077 XX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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