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PPF Group's help was directed to 14 countries

PPF and all PPF Group entities responded rapidly, providing assistance to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We helped by providing protective equipment, test kits and medical supplies, by providing hands-on involvement to address acute situations in specific countries.

Financial assistance


mil. CZK

Total of budget, and donated medical equipment, and financial assistance worldwide to help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic

Total value


mil. CZK

of help to the Czech Republic

I regard helping others as part of our human, but also corporate responsibility. Health and family are the most valuable assets that we have. We have helped in all countries in which we do business and where our help was needed. I want to thank all of our employees who have dedicated their time to helping people and the communities that we are a part of. It has frequently entailed unbelievable logistical battles. We have learned a lot.

Petr Kellner, May 4th 2020

Protective materials


mil. pcs.

distributed to nine countries worldwide

In Czech Republic


mil. pcs.

636,135 N95 respirators, 5,100,000 surgical masks, 30,000 testing kits and 1,500 protective overalls.

Nonfinacial Help

Logistics support in Shanghai for the transportation of medical supplies to the Czech Republic HC Group
Emergency text messages O2
Information call centres O2
Unlimited mobile data O2
Geolocation support to monitor the spread of the infection O2
Free educational web portals and libraries for closed schools O2
Provision of advertising space TV Nova, O2
Donations of electronics so that people could work and study from home O2
Support for the CTU project to develop the CoroVent emergency lung ventilator and the donation of these ventilators to Czech hospitals PPF Foundation