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Rucaparib extends PFS in BRCA mutated cancer, except of BRCA reverse mutation


21/4/2021 | 2 minutes to read

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Rucaparib extends PFS in BRCA-mutated OVCA, with an exception of BRCA reverse mutation

PARP inhibitor rucaparib significantly improved PFS compared with chemotherapy in women with BRCA-mutated, advanced, relapsed OVCA in Phase 3 ARIEL4. Investigator-assessed PFS in both an ITT analysis and an efficacy analysis that excluded patients with BRCA reversion mutations was 7.4 months in the rucaparib arm, compared with 5.7 months in patients who received either platinum-based chemotherapy or weekly paclitaxel.

Among the 23 patients with BRCA reversion mutations, however, investigator-assessed PFS was 2.9 months with rucaparib and 5.5 months with chemotherapy.

Maintenance olaparib yields strong and sustained benefit in OVCA

In the 5-year follow-up of the pivotal SOLO-1 trial in women with advanced OVCA and a BRCA1/2 mutation, maintenance treatment with olaparib led to a doubling in PFS. In the current analysis, mPFS for the overall population was sustained far beyond the end of treatment: 56.0 months with olaparib vs 13.8 months with placebo.

Adding adavosertib to gemcitabine extends PFS and OS in advanced high-grade serous OVCA

A Phase 2 study published in The Lancet revealed that adding the Wee1 inhibitor adavosertib to gemcitabine in platinum-resistant or platinum-refractory advanced high-grade serous OVCA significantly extended PFS and OS vs matched placebo.

PFS was found to be longer with adavosertib plus gemcitabine at a median of 4.6 months compared with 3.0 months with placebo plus gemcitabine. Median OS at the time of data cutoff for the final analysis was also longer with adavosertib plus gemcitabine at 11.4 months versus 7.2 months in the placebo group.

Apatinib/doxorubicin combination improves PFS over single agent in OVCA

Adding apatinib to pegylated liposomal doxorubicin improved mPFS compared with doxorubicin alone in patients with platinum-resistant or refractory OVCA, according to Phase 2 APPROVE trial. The median PFS for the treatment group was 5.8 months and the control group was 3.3 months. The ORR in the treatment group (n = 65) was 43.1% and in the control group, ORR was 10.9%.

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