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Analysing catchment areas


10/6/2021 | 1 minute to read

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The analysis of catchment areas using anonymised mobile network signalling data is an excellent starting point for boosting footfall at events, shops and tourist locations.

Footfall in shops

We help small shops and also shopping centres to understand the make-up of their customer base. By analysing signalling data from the O2 network, we identify where customers are coming from and in what numbers, which competing locations are appealing to the same customer segment and what the footfall is over time. Catchment analysis is also helpful for planning branch networks and target marketing campaigns.

Using artificial intelligence, we can offer our clients a service that helps them to open stores in the best possible location. For this, we use anonymised geolocational data, thanks to which we can state exactly where the greatest movements of people are, the peak times and even the prevailing socio-economic group. We use this technology ourselves when planning new outlets and these outlets then perform far better than older ones in comparable locations.

Richard Siebenstich, Chief Commercial Officer O2

Footfall at events

Measuring footfall through telco data gives our clients an objective tool for evaluating the success of one-off and repeated events. They get an insight into the behaviour of visitors during the event, find out where visitors are coming from, what they are most interested in and the regions that have the greatest unexploited potential.


A tourism analysis provides a detailed view of footfall at a given location over the long term. It gives a summary of arrival and departure times during the day, on tourist traffic on weekdays and weekends and of course visitor catchment areas, including their socio-demographic breakdown.

O2 Geodata Service


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