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Czech Technical University: O2 triumphs in speed tests on multiple fronts

O2 Czech Republic

2/8/2022 | 3 minutes to read

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O2 delivers the fastest 5G internet to customers, with download speeds up to twice as fast as its competitors. This is the conclusion of tests conducted by the Czech Technical University (CTU) and has been backed up by NetMetr’s results.

A result like this shows that going down the financially and logistically more demanding route of completely replacing base station technologies provides customers with a network that is faster and more reliable than any other, and it is currently unparalleled in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Technical University repeatedly measured the 5G signal coverage of all operators in spring this year. “The fastest download speeds were measured using nPerf, with O2 hitting 704 Mbps. Speedtest returned a very similar result, measuring O2 at 636 Mbps. This makes the top rates measured on O2’s network roughly double those of other operators. O2’s high speeds are evidently achieved mainly by using the 3.7 GHz frequency, which allows for an ample channel width of 40 MHz,” says Vladimír Dáňa from the Czech Technical University’s Cyber Resilience Centre, adding that a similar result can be seen from averaged measurements, with O2 recording an average download speed of 217 Mbps, as opposed to the competition’s 117 Mbps and 87 Mbps.

Download speeds in a 5G network test by the CTU

Download speed


217 Mbps
Other operators 117 Mbps
87 Mbps

Compared to the competition, you can download data 85% faster in O2’s 5G.

nPerf measurement

The fastest 5G mobile network according to measurements by CIIRC CTU, Prague, May 2022.

The speed and technological superiority of O2’s 5G network is supported by measurements on the NetMetr server. Here again, O2 has come top over the last six months (as of 15 July 2022) with readings that are many times better than the competition. The median download speed on O2’s network, for example, is 185 Mbps, while the competition’s is barely 75 Mbps. “O2’s lead in ping rates is just as strong. A low ping is vital for online gamers and anyone who communicates online via video calls – for example, if they are working from home. The NetMetr measurements reveal that O2 has a ping of just 14.5 ms, while its competitors come in at around 24 ms,” says Jan Hruška, O2’s chief technology officer.

Median 5G network speeds measured by NetMetr


Other operators


184.92 Mbps

74.89 Mbps

63.18 Mbps
Upload 57.06 Mbps 42.49 Mbps 16.88 Mbps

Median readings from 15 July 2002, factoring in the last 6 months. Source:
Sample size by operator ranking: 1,563 measurements, 997 measurements, 894 measurements.

“Both measurements clearly show that our path of completely replacing radio technologies, which CETIN has been doing for us since last spring, delivers the fastest 5G to customers. Of course, it’s a logistically more ambitious and costly route, but it lets O2 offer customers faster and more reliable internet, especially at greater capacity on individual transmitters and better coverage in certain areas,” says Jan Hruška, O2’s CTO, who added that addressing capacity across the entire network is a major undertaking because the volume of traffic in the network doubles every 18 months or so.

PPF Group’s investment into network infrastructure from the European manufacturer Ericsson is paying off, enabling O2 to build a 5G network with enormous capacity that is ready for whatever the digital future may hold. This is also borne out by an Ipsos survey. Asked which operator they believe has the “fastest 5G network”, more than 45% of respondents answered unequivocally O2.

Survey of how users perceive 5G network speed:

Which operator would you say has the FASTEST 5G network?



Other operators



Which operator would you say has the FASTEST 5G network?

Representative sample of the Czech population aged 18–65 (CASI). Quota selection based on socio-demographic indicators – gender, age, region, size of town/village. Source: IPSOS – Mobile Internet Research. 2022. Sample size: 1,040.

The O2 5G network currently provides coverage for more than 2.6 million people in the Czech Republic. Since last May, almost 1,700 transmitters have been upgraded, with four or five technicians spending at least four days working on each of them. Around 40 new stations are being added every week. Working in partnership with CETIN, the operator plans to complete and thus improve coverage of most of the country by the end of 2024.

CTU test victory incorporated into new campaign

O2 will be running this message in a local campaign that is set to be rolled out in stages in outdoor, print and online media. “From August to the end of October, it will feature heavily in places where the network has already been upgraded and where our customers can enjoy true 5G connectivity. Besides highlighting that O2 delivers the fastest speeds, the campaign will also illustrate how important PPF’s investments are for the Czech Republic’s digital future,” says O2 marketing communications director David Daneš. This marketing communication will build on previous brand campaigns connecting PPF Group and other Group companies. Recent examples include campaigns involving CETIN and Škoda Transportation.

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