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PPF Telecom Group


As one of the region’s largest telecommunications infrastructure services providers, CETIN Group drives digital transformation in the countries where it operates by introducing cutting-edge technology and new business models to the local markets.

CETIN Group’s telecommunications networks cover the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia.

CETIN was formed after O2 Czech Republic’s infrastructure was successfully spun off from the company’s retail arm in 2015. Five years later, this separation of retail and infrastructure business was repeated at three Telenor-branded operators in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Serbia, with all these operators forming CETIN Group.

This innovative business model gives CETIN the ability to focus on R&D and on deploying best-in-class telco infrastructure for all retail-market operators. The group also benefits from shared know-how and cooperation in both technology and commerce.

In October 2021, PPF Group and GIC, a major international investment and infrastructure fund based in Singapore, struck an agreement that saw GIC acquire a 30% stake in CETIN Group.  



CETIN in the Czech Republic

The company, a wholesale provider of telecommunications services, owns and operates the largest electronic communications network in the Czech Republic. It is open, under equal conditions, to all telecommunications operators and internet service providers supplying services to end users via CETIN’s infrastructure.

Every year, CETIN invests over CZK 4 billion in the modernisation of fixed and mobile networks. It plans to build a million fibre-optic connections for households by 2027.

The company mainly offers mobile network infrastructure services, mass fixed network services (network access services, xDSL and optical connectivity, IP TV, and voice services), data services for corporate networks, and datacentre leasing. As the administrator and operator of the largest critical information infrastructure in the Czech Republic, CETIN has made the protection and security of its customers’ data and the continuous availability of services a strategic priority.


CETIN’s national fixed network comprises approximately 20 million pairs of copper cables and almost 46,000 km of fibre-optics, though this length is constantly increasing thanks to massive investment. CETIN’s mobile technology, comprising some 6,400 base stations, also draws on this powerful fixed network. CETIN contributes to a network-sharing project and provides its mobile infrastructure to O2 and T-Mobile.

CETIN also offers international voice and data services to over 200 telecommunications operators all over the world via physical network nodes (POPs) in London, Vienna, Bratislava, Frankfurt, Budapest, Belgrade and Hong Kong.


Data Security

To protect its network and users, CETIN follows the recommendations of the National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) and the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA). It is involved in FENIX, the project that draws together companies providing connections to important services to ensure these remain in operation even during the most critical situations.

The company continuously engages in risk analysis and cybersecurity auditing, conducts security tests, invests in security technologies and specialists, and shares knowledge and best practices within PPF Telecom Group.

Consolidated Financials

2018 2019
PPF Group share (%) 100 100
Net profit (CZK millions)   2,551 2,811
Assets (CZK millions)   55,841 62,062
Equity (CZK millions)   20,838 21,043
Number of employees   1,890 2,117

CETIN Group in Numbers

Base stations 15,000
Daily mobile traffic 2.6 petabytes
Optical cables 66,000 kms
Presence 4 countries
Employees 3,000

“Our state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure solutions provide the backbone for the digitalisation of the world around us.”

Juraj Šedivý

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Consolidated Financials

CETIN Group in Numbers

Juraj Šedivý


CETIN Czech Republic

Českomoravská 2510/19
190 00 Praha 9 - Libeň
Czech Republic

CETIN Bulgaria

Business Park Sofia, building 6
1766 Sofia

CETIN Serbia

Omladinskih brigada 90
11070 Belgrade

CETIN Hungary

Zártkörűen Működő Részvénytársaság
2045 Törökbálint, Pannon út 1