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PPF Financial Holdings


Based in the UK, ClearBank is a fast-growing clearing bank operating entirely in a cloud-based environment. It serves over 200 financial institutions.

Since its establishment in 2017, ClearBank has provided financial institutions with banking and payment infrastructure built on a cloud-native, intelligent and robust technology solution which offers secure accounts and real-time payment clearing. Rapid processing and next-generation financial solutions are integral to ClearBank’s business model. Transactions performed in 2023 totalled EUR 174.4 billion. As at 31 December 2023, PPF Group held a 33.32% stake in ClearBank.

The bank enjoyed its first full financial year of profitability in 2023, primarily on the back of rising transaction volumes, new clients and net interest income. The successful year was also bolstered by offering payments in foreign currencies. ClearBank now serves 221 financial institutions, with a total of 10 million accounts, including 1.2 million embedded banking accounts and balances aggregating EUR 7 billion.

“ClearBank is the first proven and fully regulated cloud-native clearing bank in the UK. Over the last five years we have demonstrated the success of our business model and through our work with leading financial service providers, helped to both unlock their potential and bring about positive and meaningful change for UK businesses and consumers.”

Charles McManus

CEO, ClearBank


ClearBank Ltd.

Borough Yards, 13 Dirty Lane
SE1 9PA London
United Kingdom