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Heureka Group

Currently Europe’s largest group of price comparison websites and online shopping advisers. Heureka Group is building an integrated, regional e-commerce platform across nine markets in Central and Eastern Europe that is designed primarily to help e-shops, brands, and other partners to connect with users in all the countries in which it operates.

Every month, Heureka Group websites are visited by over 23 million users, who can browse 55,000 online stores. Besides the Czech and Slovak e-commerce services, Heureka Group includes Árukereső.hu in Hungary, in Romania, in Bulgaria, in Slovenia, in Croatia, in Serbia, and in Bosnia. PPF Group holds a 40 per cent stake in Heureka Group. The other Heureka shareholders are EC Investments and Rockaway Capital.



Heureka continued to develop its services and technologies in 2021. Heureka’s acquisition of Dataweps in March 2021 enabled it to offer e-shops advanced analytical tools that they can use to manage their offerings on its platform. Heureka’s customer behaviour data and statistics from all nine countries make it a key development partner in evolving their product offering to customers and growing their sales further. In order to improve the service and user experience, Heureka is developing machine learning capabilities.

By steadily building up a one-stop catalogue with tens of millions of products that bundles offerings from all countries where Heureka operates, Heureka has managed to deploy a vast database of more than a million automatically translated customer reviews. The rolling matching of products across European markets is designed to make it possible, in the future, to browse, buy, and rate products from all Heureka countries, regardless of which country a customer accesses Heureka’s offerings from.

In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic provided a real-life stress test of the robustness and capacity of the entire e-commerce sector. Despite a jump in user growth, Heureka maintained a high level of customer satisfaction with its e-shop interface and services during the year. At Heureka, customer satisfaction is a key criterion for decision-making on the further development of the platform’s services and features. That is why, every year, Heureka assesses and announces the winners of its competition to find the best e-shops in each of its markets. It awards online shops Verified by Customer certificates based on the experience of millions of shoppers. In the past year, Heureka customers gave over 6.5 million reviews and ratings within the framework of the Verified by Customers programme, 10% more than the previous year.

Heureka Group is owned by a trio of investors: 40% is held by PPF Group, 40% by EC Investments a.s owned by Daniel Křetínský, Patrik Tkáč, and Roman Korbačka, and 20% is held by Rockaway Group owned by Jakub Havrlant.

Key Financials

in millions FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
Turn Over (EUR) 53.8 70.2 77.4
EBITDA (EUR) 22.6 29.5 28.8
Total Assets (CZK) 8,878 8,518 7,901
Equity (CZK) 2,366 2,108 1,78
Total Employees 220 285 333
*) FY = the financial year ending 31 March


Heureka Group a.s.

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Czech Republic