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ITIS Holding a.s.

ITIS Holding was established in 2022 to serve as an umbrella for PPF Group’s business in smart transport infrastructure solutions. It is dedicated to innovation and advanced services linked to traffic control and regulation in cities, conurbations and beyond, and the management of safety, efficiency and environmental challenges.

Electronic toll system operators CzechToll and SkyToll, tech company TollNet, and transport payment solutions provider PaySystem became wholly owned by ITIS Holding in 2022. The technology company TollNet is one of the largest manufacturers of onboard units in the world. PaySystem provides cashless toll payment solutions for carriers. PPF has a 50% stake in ITIS Holding, which is one of only two providers in the world to operate a satellite toll system in two countries. It also runs an electronic vignette payment system for passenger vehicles in two markets.

The holding company’s highest-profile brand in the Czech Republic is Czech- Toll, which built and, since 2019, had operated a satellite-based toll collection system for vehicles weighing more than 3.5 tonnes. This project saw the world’s first-ever seamless introduction of new-generation, scalable satellite technology to replace an existing electronic toll system’s technologically outdated and costly microwave system. The cost to the government of operating the new system is three times lower than the previous-generation solution.

In 2022, CzechToll registered 743,000 vehicles weighing over 3.5 tonnes; 173,000 of these vehicles had Czech number plates. In total, more than 596,000 on-board units were supplied to hauliers.

Slovakia’s SkyToll is the first system in the world to combine satellite GNSS technology for positioning, microwave DSRC technology for short-distance communication, and mobile GSM technology for communication in mobile networks. Since 2010, SkyToll has been operating the satellite toll system built by it in Slovakia. It has also been running an electronic vignette system in Slovakia since 2015, and in 2021 it built and successfully launched the same type of system in Slovenia.

“We want to take traffic data, use advanced technologies to increase its information value, and then deploy it for advanced traffic control with a focus on sustainability and climate protection. Backed by PPF Group, we can accelerate the company’s growth both organically and through targeted acquisitions.”

Matej Okáli

CEO, CzechToll


ITIS Holding a.s.

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