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PPF Financial Holdings

PPF banka

This modern bank for corporate, public, and private sector customers specialises in trading on financial and capital markets and providing financing services for projects, exports, and acquisitions. It is the hub of PPF Group’s financial activities, carrying out international payment transactions, managing financial assets, and trading on capital markets for the Group’s companies.

It regularly earns recognition for its activities in the financial markets.

A Bank for Unique Clients

PPF banka’s services are built on professional expertise and unique solutions with an emphasis on added value. For clients, it is a stable, professional, and reliable partner in operational and investment financing in numerous areas, including trade, industrial production, energy, renewable sources, agriculture and forestry, services in the realms of IT and e-commerce, etc.

The bank also finances commercial and residential real estate and development projects. It has been a long-standing partner of many Czech regions and statutory cities, contributing to their development, for example, in the fields of energy, the circular economy, and education. The bank offers structured finance services, including M&A financing. An important part of the portfolio is services taking an individual approach to the financial needs of private clients.

It is integral to PPF Group as the hub of its financial activities. It makes international payments, arranges hedging, and procures project financing for other PPF Group companies on capital markets.

Besides engaging with customers, it is a socially responsible company that supports the work of The Kellner Family Foundation, the PPF Foundation, and Pipan, a bilingual nursery school for the hearing impaired.

PPF banka

Financial Market Activities

On financial markets, PPF banka acts as PPF Group’s central treasury bank, is a counterparty for major financial institutions, and gives external clients access to the capital markets. It converts currencies (those less liquid and more exotic currencies in addition to the major currency pairs), hedges currency and interest rate risks, and carries out securities transactions.

It is a member of the Prague Stock Exchange and has access to many other stock and derivative exchanges, along with numerous bond and fund listings. It acts as an active primary dealer of Czech government securities, repeatedly rated among the top three on the primary and secondary markets by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

It raises financing for PPF Group and other companies via bonds and certificates, which it then offers either for public subscription or individually through private placements.

PPF banka

Recognition by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic

PPF banka may be one of the smaller primary dealers of Czech government securities in sheer size, but it has long been ranked among the top three by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

What makes this success particularly outstanding is that the other entities assessed were large global banks and the biggest domestic banks backed by their foreign parent companies.

Key Financials

CZK millions 2022 2021
PPF Group share 92.96% 92.96%
Net profit 2,739 1,747
Total assets 288,650 236,622
Total equity 17 331 16,542
Number of employees 237 238

“The biggest mistake you can make in life is to always be afraid of making one.”

Petr Jirásko

CEO, PPF banka


PPF Financial Holdings a.s. 92.96%
City of Prague 6.73%
Other 0.31%

Key Financials

Petr Jirásko, CEO



PPF banka a.s.

Evropská 2690/17
160 41 Praha 6
Czech Republic