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Škoda Group

An international leader in public transport solutions. Škoda is consolidating its market position by innovating, digitalising, and broadening its extensive portfolio of vehicles and services. Škoda Group’s growth has facilitated significant investment in production capacity and jobs.

The flagship of the Škoda Group is Škoda Transportation. An important arm of the group is TEMSA, which it controls jointly with Sabanci Holding. The group’s key business regions are the Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, the Baltics, Poland, and Slovakia.

Škoda Group develops a full range of public transport solutions for trains, trams, the metro, trolleybuses, and various types of buses, accompanied by comprehensive servicing and maintenance. The group is moving increasingly towards sustainable transport of the future and solutions for the data-driven, connected mobility infrastructure of future smart cities using 5G connectivity. The group has a digital division dedicated to the development and innovation of digital, control, and diagnostic systems for vehicles. Škoda Group’s vehicles are environmentally friendly, with almost all of them running purely on electricity and producing no emissions. In 2021, Škoda also launched the development of a new-generation hydrogen drive buses.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, Škoda Group still significantly increased its profitability, sales, and new orders in 2021. Despite global supply chain problems and labour shortages, Škoda scaled up production and launched new projects for foreign markets, reflecting its status as a leading exporter that dispatches some 60% of its orders abroad. In 2021, the group recorded sales of EUR 614 million, EBITDA of EUR 45 million, and a net profit of EUR 33 million. The number of group employees increased by 26% year on year to some 6,500 (8,000 including TEMSA). There was also a solid rise in the volume of work contracted, which increased to around EUR 3.6 billion.* This means that the group’s production capacity will be full until approximately 2025. In 2021, Škoda invested EUR 71 million in, among other things, an increase in production capacity in Plzeň, Ostrava, and Šumperk.

*Unaudited consolidated figures based on international accounting standards for the 2021 financial year. Revenues do not include TEMSA’s results as this company is consolidated using the IFRS equity method. The number of employees at TEMSA (a 50% joint venture) is included in the total.

In 2021, Ostrava-based Ekova Electric (now Škoda Ekova) was incorporated into Škoda Group and added the production of new trams to its existing servicing and upgrading operations. Last year, Škoda Group delivered RegioPanter electric trains and InterJet carriages to its largest railways customer, České dráhy, and introduced new-generation push-pull trains for the Moravian-Silesian Region. During the year, the group made trainsets for the Warsaw metro and trams for German cities, and progressed to further stages in the delivery of solutions to the cities of Plzeň and Ostrava. Trams for Riga and NIM Express trains for Germany were also delivered. New contracts include the delivery of electric trains to Slovakia and trolleybuses for a number of European cities. The delivery of the first electric buses for Prague was an electromobility milestone.

Škoda Group

Supporting Local Communities

At all sites where it operates, Škoda Group supports education and CSR activities, promotes topics related to transportation and mechanical engineering, and cooperates with technical universities.

Škoda Group is a long-term partner to sports clubs in the regions where it operates, such as Pilsen’s HC Škoda Plzeň Extraliga club, the First Hockey League club Draci Pars Šumperk, Ostrava's football team Baník, and the athletics club Škoda Plzeň. In Pilsen, it is also the sponsor of the Škoda Sport Park and the Škodaland sports complexes. Škoda Plzeň also supports the Městská charita Plzeň (a municipal charitable organization), Ovahelp in Ostrava, and many more individuals and organizations.


Škoda Group

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