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Sotio Biotech

The group of biotech companies within PPF’s Biotech arm that researches and develops innovative cancer treatments and translates compelling scientific knowledge in the field of immunotherapy into clinical trials. Teams of leading experts from all over the world work for SOTIO as part of its extensive international activities. SOTIO Group runs its own laboratory facilities in Prague.

SOTIO has been part of PPF Group since 2012 and manages its biotechnology activities. It is building a diversified portfolio of immuno-oncology products based on its own research and development, partnerships, licensing agreements, investments, mergers, and acquisitions. It has a presence in both Europe and the US, with its principal centres located in Prague in the Czech Republic, Basel in Switzerland, and Boston in Massachusetts.

SOTIO’s research and development programmes embrace IL-15 superagonist-based products, including immunocytokines, personalised cell immunotherapy based on its CAR T platform, and next-generation antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) oncology products.


SOTIO validates the safety and efficacy of its products in a full range of clinical trials — the Group has conducted seventeen trials in Europe and the US since 2012. In 2022/23, the newly developed products BOXR1030 (CAR T), SOT102 (ADC), and SOT201 (immunocytokine) will advance to the clinical trial phase. In late 2021, SOTIO entered into a collaboration agreement with the global pharmaceutical company MSD (Merck) with the purpose of jointly conducting an extensive Phase II clinical study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of IL-15 superagonist SOT101 in combination with MSD’s KEYTRUDA® (pembrolizumab).

In November 2021, SOTIO licensed the technology of South Korea’s LegoChem Biosciences for the development of five new antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) programmes. SOTIO will be responsible for the research, preclinical and clinical development, and commercialisation of the products.

In 2021, SOTIO’s division engaged in the research and development of immunotherapy treatments for cancer based on antibody-drug conjugates was spun out from SOTIO a.s., a biotechnology organisation, into a newly formed entity, SOTIO Biotech a.s. The original company, renamed SCTbio a.s., continues to manufacture modern cell therapy products and provide logistics support for clinical trials.

Other PPF Biotech Holdings

Cytune Pharma SAS

Cytune Pharma is a French biotechnology company researching and developing new therapies designed to strengthen the immune response of patients suffering from cancer and infectious diseases. It is member of the SOTIO Biotech group, which develops Interleukin-15-based products based on research of Cytune Pharma.

Autolus Therapeutics

Autolus Therapeutics is a leader in the development of treatments based on CAR-T cells (genetically engineered T cells). The company is dedicated to the clinical development of a wide portfolio of next-generation T-cell therapies targeting both hematological and solid tumors.     

Cellestia Biotech

Cellestia Biotech was founded in 2014 as a spin-off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPLF). Cellestia’s lead development compound is CB-103, a novel, first-in-class oral pan-NOTCH inhibitor with an innovative mode of action meant for the treatment of patients with NOTCH-driven lymphomas and solid tumors.
Sotio Biotech

Sotio Biotech

Sale of PPF's Stake in NBE-Therapeutics

At the end of 2020, PPF sold its stake in NBE-Therapeutics, a company developing innovative ADC products for the treatment of solid tumors, to leading global pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim.

This deal, the largest of its kind in Europe in 10 years, showed the value of the ADCs that SOTIO Biotech maintains in its portfolio and that it continues to develop. These products could reach their first patients in the beginning of 2022 in the first phase of clinical trials.

"SOTIO exemplifies the world-class standard of Czech science in its mission and results. Our efforts are focused on finding a cure for cancer."

Radek Špíšek

CEO, SOTIO Biotech


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