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Yettel mobile operators provide telecommunications services to millions of customers in Bulgaria, Hungary  and Serbia. With a strategy pursuing mobile network excellence, a first-class customer experience, and a wide range of charitable and community-based activities, they successfully lead the way in providing mobile and internet services in these markets.

Yettel’s leadership in these markets is built on a long-term strategy that pursues mobile network excellence and a first-class customer experience, backed up by wide-ranging charitable and community-based activities.

At the end of 2021, Yettel was serving nearly 10 million customers. For several years in a row, operators in Bulgaria and Serbia have been awarded the prestigious Best in Test certificate in the independent mobile infrastructure quality testing conducted by the international Umlaut (Accenture) organisation. This places Yettel’s mobile networks among the best in Europe. 

Telenor CEE


Yettel Bulgaria serves approximately 3.5 million customers, i.e. a third of the Bulgarian telecommunications market, where it successfully competes with other two major telecommunications operators.

In June 2021, Bulgarian Yettel launched its 5G network. This provided the company with technology that enables it to lunch, among other services, a scalable fixed wireless access, an efficient alternative to fixed connections.


With 3.6 million customers, Yettel Hungary is the country’s second largest operator measured in terms of market share and revenues, which grew by 5.1% year on year. Yettel Hungary is a pioneer in mobile broadband technology. In the national spectrum auction, the company succeeded in bidding for a 15-year licence for the 900 MHz and 1,800 MHz bands. In September 2021, Yettel’s offer of “unlimited-data internet” was taken up by more than a million Hungarian households.

In the medium-sized and large business segment, which is the operator’s traditional domain, Yettel started providing managed firewall services for cybersecurity and launched fibre-optic fixed internet under the name IrodaNet.


In 2021, Yettel Serbia entered the fixed-service sector and content distribution. Yettel made successful inroads into the Serbian household sector by offering broadband internet access combined with IP TV and fixed telephony. Yettel also maintains a stable base of 3 million loyal customers in Serbia through its popular mobile app and regular Blue Friday campaign, which targets increased brand loyalty.

Yettel in Individual Markets (2021)

Mobile market position Market share Number of customers (millions)
Bulgaria 1 35% 3.5
Hungary 2 29% 3.6
Serbia 1 43% 3.0

“We continuously develop our business model and customer approach in order to deliver products and services on a par with the most advanced markets, thus ensuring that we are strongly positioned for the future.”

Marek Sláčík

Executive Director CEE, PPF Telecom Group

Yettel in Individual Markets (2021)

Marek Sláčík


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