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    Evžen Hart to focus on charity and art projects at PPF Group

    PPF Group announces that, following a mutual agreement with its shareholders, Evžen Hart is leaving his position as a member of the Board of Directors of PPF a.s., the chief consultancy to the entire Group. E. Hart’s professional departure from his managerial duties in the management of PPF Group has been gradually taking place since the end of 2009 in relation to his return to his own business activities and management of his family businesses.

    As part of the process, E. Hart handed his agenda over to shareholders J.-P. Duvieusart and J. Šmejc early this year. From November 2010 onwards, Evžen Hart will stay at PPF Group as an advisor to the shareholders for charity and art projects and as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of PPF Art. “Evžen has had the lion’s share in PPF Group growing from a purely Czech investment group into a multi-cultural company with an international reach since 2006 when he joined PPF. His experience in communication and working with people gave the Group solid values, on which it further develops these areas. I want to thank Evžen for his contribution. Personally, I am happy for him to remain in close touch with PPF,” said Petr Kellner, founder and majority shareholder of PPF Group.

    Notes for the editors:

    1. PPF Art a.s. manages and develops PPF Group’s activities in culture and arts. Aside from the Václav Špála Art Gallery, PPF Art also operates Česká pojišťovna Gallery and Josef Sudek Studio in Prague. For PPF, it manages the company’s collection of contemporary Czech art, and it also participates in the management of Česká pojišťovna’s collection. In addition, PPF Art issues themed decorative arts publications associated with its collections and the topical exhibitions.

    2. Petr Kellner and PPF Group, which he founded, are among the earliest Czech sponsors: They have been building a collection of contemporary Czech art systematically since the early 1990s. PPF is not just a passive partner to quality art projects – it also actively seeks them out and offers ideas for developing them continuously. Petr Kellner and PPF Group are also some of the biggest Czech sponsors of training and education: Annually, they invest tens of millions of crowns in supporting the studies of talented children in the Czech Republic at the Open Gate boarding school, the graduates of which currently study at prestigious Czech and international universities with their financial support.

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