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    Heureka's separation is ready, a joint-stock company will form with a new board of directors

    By finalizing the separation from the former MALL Group structure, Heureka Group a.s. was created on the 1st of October and will connect all Heureka activities in 9 markets of the CEE region. Leadership remains with the current Heureka management, adding a newly-formed board of directors.

    The birth of the new Heureka Group a.s. is the result of an acquisition process that began last year under the guidance of the London-based Macquarie Capital investment bank. Whilst outside offers were very tempting, the current stockholders decided not to sell, but to separate Heureka as an individual entity fully independent of the Mall Group. This entity has the same ownership structure: 40% PPF, 40% EC Investments a.s. of Daniel Křetínský and Patrik Tkáč, 20% Rockaway. The stockholders formed a new board of directors, led by Tomáš Braverman, that wishes to strengthen Heureka’s position as a regional platform player. “We highly value the trust of the board and the fact that we can continue our mission to further develop our shopping advisor across the whole CEE region,“ says Tomáš Braverman, CEO of Heureka Group.

    Foreign markets in which Heureka operates are growing by 20% annually, thus bringing new opportunities to its partner e-shops and enabling the Heureka Group’s key mission of connecting e-shops and brands with customers. In order to effectively connect e-shops and share parameters, reviews and galleries, a shared platform is already under construction. The goal is to create the broadest and richest product catalogue not just in the Czech Republic but across all countries where Heureka Group operates. This platform enables easier e-shop expansion throughout the CEE region without the need of localizing the e-shop for every single market.

    Heureka is strengthening its international position since 2016, when it went through with its first acquisition on the Hungarian market. To this day, Heureka has grown significantly and now operates in 9 countries in Central and Eastern Europe serving over 55 000 e-shops to become the largest European price comparison website and shopping advisor. Heureka Group now consists of not only the Czech and Slovak Heureka, but also the Hungarian Árukereső.hu, Romanian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and the Bosnian 

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