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    New PPF Media project for Central and Eastern Europe backed by Google

    PPF Media, part of the PPF Group, has won backing from Google to develop multimedia in Central and Eastern Europe. Google’s support consists in collaboration on a new regional media project for the Czech Republic and education and training in online media at the International Training Centre for Multimedia in Prague.

    Google products such as its Web Search, Google Translate, Google Maps and Google Earth will be part of PPF Media’s regional news portals – Our Address. All the new PPF portals will also be part of Google’s AdSense network.

    Google will also train members of the editorial staff of Our Address in using Google products for online news and for the forthcoming printed weekly news magazines. It will also provide top-quality lecturers from the Czech Republic and abroad for conferences, seminars and other training programmes in business, media and technology at the International Training Centre for Multimedia. Trial versions of Google products will be used in practical exercises in the newsroom of the future, which is part of the International Training Centre.

    “Cooperation on PPF’s multimedia project fits in with our mission to give the public access to as much information as possible. The Internet is now proving that even in these difficult economic times, which affect the media to a large extent, it can offer a range of effective solutions,” says Taťána le Moigne, Country Business Manager for Google Czech Republic. “For those reasons we decided to join the project, using our online technology and bringing in our experts to train publishers, media professionals, students and children.”

    Roman Gallo, PPF’s Director for Media Strategies, adds “We’re happy to welcome Google aboard as a partner for this media project. Nowadays we cannot imagine working on the Internet without Google, as its products for professionals and the general public make working on the web effective and creative. Thanks to Google our editorial work will be easier and definitely much more interesting.”

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