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    PPF ECM Advisory established: manages projects covering an area the size of 30 Wenceslas Squares

    PPF ECM Advisory s.r.o. is a newly established provider of administration and management services for development projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. PPF ECM Advisory manages almost EUR 1.2 billion in assets, and the total area of the projects under management and administration is 1,250,000 sq m, which is equivalent to 30 Wenceslas Squares.

    “PPF ECM Advisory provides professional services to 77 projects in the Czech Republic, Russia and China. Our development project management and administration services are based on a combination of the expertise and experience from both the PPF and ECM groups,” said Tomáš Krones, Executive Director CEE, PPF ECM Advisory s.r.o. He added:: “Our services are based on three main pillars – strong financial backing from PPF Group, ECM’s heritage, and our combined know-how.”

    PPF ECM Advisory s.r.o. currently provides comprehensive services to PPF ECM Holding B.V.’s development project portfolio. PPF ECM Advisory s.r.o. is also responsible for the management of all projects for ECM REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS A.G. (ECM REI), following the decision of ECM REI’s Board of Directors and the result of its General Meeting .

    PPF ECM Advisory s.r.o. is a subsidiary of PPF ECM Holding B.V., the real estate group formed by PPF Group and Mr Milan Janků. PPF ECM Advisory s.r.o. provides a range of specific contracted services for its clients and is a crucial partner for various development activities. This includes providing services and advice in areas such as project management, asset management, acquisitions, financing, feasibility studies, sale and leasing, marketing and exit management. In this capacity, the company is currently participating in the development of a number of ECM REI’s projects, such as a majority of the buildings in the City Pankrác complex, the Terasy Unhošť and Kaskáda Zlín projects and others.

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