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    The Prague 6 Municipality permits the removal of former Praha Hotel

    PPF Group confirms that it has received a final decision permitting the removal of the building that was originally known as Praha Hotel in Dejvice district of the city of Prague (Prague 6). The demolition contractor, APB Plzeň, will begin the demolition in a few weeks. At the same time, preparations for removing old garages and other structures in the bottom part of the area are already under way. The separate permit to remove those became effective at the beginning of this year. Under the conditions of the Decision, the project for removing the above structures must be completed within one year. A park will then return to a larger part of the area, while the construction of Open Gate primary and grammar school is planned in the southern part of the landplot.

    APB Plzeň has opted for the modern technology of “cutting” by special construction machines to remove the buildings. This technology allows the work to progress rapidly, its use does not generate noise or dust, and it completely replaces blasting, which has been used until recently. The work will take place only on workdays between 7.30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Material haulage from the site will bypass the villa neighbourhood, when transporting away, and will run through the current site of the Praha Hotel towards Evropská Avenue. The part of the land which is affected by demolition has 329 grown trees, which will be maintained but for three that cannot be saved due to technical reasons.

    A website at has been launched in connection with the demolition of the buildings within the above mentioned area; the website provides information about the progress of work and the owner’s plans for this piece of land in the future. Public can also communicate questions and comments via e-mail to and a toll-free telephone line has been set up; the number is +420 800 101 193. Two weeks ago, the closest neighbourhood residents received an information leaflet from APB Plzeň company containing a description of the planned work.

    PPF Group acquired the Praha Hotel in a condition where a large part of the interior furnishings had been taken away or destroyed. Bespoke furniture was no longer in its place, and, for example, fixtures & fittings and furnishings of bathrooms, the restaurant, the kitchen, and all rooms had been dismantled and removed. Only some of the lighting fixtures and the glass orientation system had stayed in place. Professional staff had demounted these items. They were then offered to various art collections; for example, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague accepted some of them.

    The Open Gate Campus will be located in the southern (bottom) part of the area, currently occupied by dilapidated garages, next to Evropská Avenue, as well as on the adjacent place known as Hadovka (the former residence of the Canadian Embassy).

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