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    What will the newsroom look like in 2015? The topic of the conference held at PPF Media’s FUTUROOM

    Editors-in-chief of media from all over the world will create a vision of the most modern and efficient newsroom at a conference in Prague.

    How to maintain a high editorial standard and quality of texts despite the lack of finances in the media business? Scheduled to take place in Prague in October, a conference organised by the World Editors Forum (WEF) will give answers to this question. WEF is one of the partners of the international multimedia education centre, FUTUROOM, operated by PPF Media in Prague.

    Editors from all over the world will present financially sound practical solutions to problematic situations in the media and they will collectively forge a vision for the modern newsroom of the year 2015 in the FUTUROOM between 1 and 2 October 2009.

    The conference, titled Newsroom of the Year 2015: High Quality at Low Cost, will include papers by highly experienced experts covering the topics of high technologies, mobile communications, social networks, Webcasting, etc.

    “The conference will bring to Prague representatives of the most influential global media as well as top experts in fields such as multi-medialisation, mobile communications, and info-graphics,” says Roman Gallo, PPF’s director for the development of media strategies, who will present a case study on a hyper-local news service.

    One day before the global conference, there will be a study trip and a presentation of an innovative hyper-local media project in the Czech Republic. PPF Media’s project, titled Our Address, was launched on 1 June 2009, and its first phase includes issuing printed weeklies and Websites in seven regions of the Czech Republic.

    For more information, visit the World Association of Newspapers (WAN)’s website at

    “Don’t miss the Prague meeting with PPF Media and its recently launched project titled the FUTUROOM: The Newsroom of the Future in the Heart of Historical Prague,” says Bertrand Pecquerie, Director of WEF.

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