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PPF Telecom Group

PPF Telecom Group consolidates PPF Group’s investments in telecommunications (CETIN Group, Yettel, and O2 Group).

It does business through nine companies in six Central and South-eastern Europe countries and successfully competes with large international operators in this region.

In 2014, PPF entered the telecommunications market by acquiring O2 Czech Republic. A year later, in a move never seen before in Europe, it separated the company’s telecommunications infrastructure from end-customer services. In 2020, PPF repeated the procedure for another three operators to create CETIN Group as a region-wide infrastructure player.

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By separating the infrastructure from the retail side and managing both areas regionally, PPF Telecom Group is able to offer its networks to all operators on the market, achieve high operational efficiency, and better meet the growing demands of the telecommunications market throughout the region.

The Critical Role Played by Operators During the Pandemic

In 2020, PPF Telecom Group’s operators were instrumental in mitigating the impact that the coronavirus pandemic had on the lives of people in all countries where they do business. The superior quality of the networks they operate enabled them to cope with the unprecedented swell in data volumes as customers transitioned en masse to the online environment. The concessions the companies offered on their telecommunications packages helped millions of customers across the region to work and study from home and keep in touch with their loved ones. PPF Telecom Group operators also donated large amounts of medical supplies, protective equipment, and funds to medical organisations.

Even under these difficult circumstances, all the group’s operations remained fully functional and it achieved its business goals.

PPF Telecom Group

Secure 5G Technology

At the turn of the year, PPF Telecom Group companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia signed cooperation agreements with Ericsson for the construction of 5G networks and radio access network upgrades. Once they are in possession of this state-of-the-art innovative technology for the full spectrum of frequencies they use, they will be able to deliver new services to end customers, offer a wide range of applications across industries, and help to drive forward the digital economy.

Key Financials

Mobile clients  18.3 million
Revenues EUR 3.2 billion
EBITDA  EUR 1.4 billion
Assets  EUR 7.9 billion
Total equity  EUR 1.8 billion
Number of employees  12,000

*including Telenor Montenegro, divested on 21 December 2021

“The digital economy is underpinned by high-quality telecommunications services and secure communications infrastructure for operators. We are proud to be contributing to its development in countries across Central and South-eastern Europe.”

Ladislav Bartoníček

Shareholder, PPF Group N.V.

Key Financials

Ladislav Bartoníček


PPF Telecom Group B.V.

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