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    Jean-Pascal Duvieusart becomes shareholder in PPF Group N.V.

    Following the recent approval of shareholders in PPF Group, Jean-Pascal Duvieusart will become a minority shareholder of PPF Group N.V and a member of the Group’s Senior Executive Team as of 1 February 2010.

    Jean-Pascal Duvieusart has indirectly purchased 0.25% of shares in PPF Group N.V. from Petr Kellner, the founder and majority shareholder, for an undisclosed price.

    In a decision related to personal matters Ladislav Bartonicek decided to reduce his stake by 0.14%.  As a consequence of these changes, the ownership and shares structure of PPF Group N.V is as follows:-

    • Petr Kellner: 94.25%
    • Jiri Smejc: 5.00%
    • Ladislav Bartonicek: 0.50%
    • J.-P. Duvieusart: 0.25%.

    J.-P. Duvieusart will contribute to all major and strategic decisions taken by the Group. At an operational level he assumes responsibility for a number of the Group´s major investments in Russia, including NOMOS Bank and Polymetal. Home Credit Bank and Eldorado will continue to be managed at a Group level. In addition, J.-P. Duvieusart will assume responsibility for Group-wide Human Resources from Evzen Hart who will focus on the Group’s investments in the media sector. J.-P. Duvieusart will be based in Moscow.

    As part of these developments, Jiri Smejc will become Chairman of the Group Executive Committee leaving him responsible for the Group’s global operations and across  all sectors.

    Petr Kellner, founder and majority shareholder of PPF Group commented: “I am delighted to welcome Jean-Pascal as a fellow shareholder and Senior Group Executive Team member. His considerable strategic thinking and advisory experience will further enrich our core team. As the Group’s business continues to diversify, Jean-Pascal´s impressive track record in change management, financial services and strategic HR will bring substantial added value to PPF’s already strong capabilities. Jean-Pascal will play an important role in developing some of our key assets.

    Jean-Pascal Duvieusart

    Born in 1966; he holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and a Master‘s degree in Commercial Engineering from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. Jean-Pascal Duvieusart joined McKinsey in 1992 and worked in Brussels and New York prior to moving to Central Europe. He was a managing partner at McKinsey Prague between 1999 and 2005, when he assumed leadership of McKinsey CIS and Central Europe. Jean-Pascal Duvieusart has advised banks and insurance companies as well as various industrial companies in Russia, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

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