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Cancer control in the Czech Republic: Findings from the Index of Cancer Preparedness (2021)

By Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by SOTIO and PPF.

One of Europe’s ageing societies, the Czech Republic faces a growing cancer burden. Its response to cancer has been strong, helped by a generous health insurance system, a skilled workforce and advanced infrastructure. But to accelerate success, more coordination of resources is needed, as is greater attention to patient-centred care.

This independent report discusses the strengths and weaknesses of the Czech cancer response, based on parameters of the Index of Cancer Preparedness.

Introductory word of Radek Špíšek, CEO, SOTIO

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Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the Czech Republic after cardiovascular diseases, explaining nearly 27% of all deaths.[1] In 2020, there were around 67,000 new cases of cancer in the Czech Republic and 27,000 deaths.[2] With a median age of 43.3 years, the Czech Republic is among the top 30 oldest societies[3] and as other European nations, is ageing.[4] This signals that the cancer challenge is likely to continue to grow. By 2030, it is estimated that new cases will rise to about 76,000 and deaths to about 32,500.[5]

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The findings of this report are based on the assessment of the Czech Republic using the framework of the Index of Cancer Preparedness, desk research, as well as interviews with local experts who validated findings and offered additional nuances.

Our thanks are due to the following for their time and insight (listed alphabetically):

  • Jirina Bartunkova, Board of the Czech Society of Immunology; Head of the Department of Immunology of the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague & Motol University Hospital
  • Veronika Cibulova, General Secretary of the patient organization VERONICA
  • Tomas Dolezal, Managing Director of the Institute of Health Economics and Technology Assessment (iHETA)
  • Jana Prausova, President of the Czech Society for Oncology
  • Miroslav Specian, Board Member of the Hippokrates Endowment Fund.


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