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Artificial intelligence is the priority field we invest in to stay ahead. In a close partnership with Dataclair, PPF develops AI technologies both for research and commercial purposes.

Dataclair has been operating within O2 Czech Republic as an innovation centre for the commercial application of artificial intelligence since 2019. Through Dataclair, PPF provides its clients with better services and B2B partners with a techological advantage and competitive edge. At the same time, it is promotes a new standard for ethical algorithms that are fair to people and improve their quality of life.

The group is putting AI’s growing potential to use across a whole range of areas, from telecommunications and transport to media, banking, the pharmaceutical industry, and science and education.


Two minutes on AI with Jan Romportl

In a video teaser for the PPF Podcast on AI, Jan Romportl talks about what Dataclair is focusing on, where AI is delivering value and whether AI will enter our everyday lives through the school classroom.

AI & Telecommunication

Telecoms firms are increasingly adapting their business model to high levels of personalisation of services and content, including the use of predictive models of customer behaviour and customer requirements. Dataclair is developing models based on artificial intelligence that produce predictive analyses in real-time. These models are applied not only in customer care and marketing but also for predicting operational problems in communication networks.

Dataclair is working together with some of the leading telecommunication service providers in Europe and also in the Czech Republic.

AI & Transport and mobility

Mobile network signalling data forms the basis of our products for analysing catchment areas, footfall and transport planning, where use of Big Data and artificial intelligence is becoming the norm not only in the private sector but also in the State sector.

Our main partner in the group is O2 Geodata. Collaboration with Škoda Transportation is also opening up broad potential in the transport area.

AI & Science and ethics

We are developing artificial intelligence technology not only in business but also in medicine, education and ethics. AI technology has brought a paradigm shift in the processing and exploitation of personal data for commercial purposes. Dataclair plays a part in creating standards that will ensure the ethical and fair application of AI in the commercial sphere. We are also participating in training activities in the area of personal data protection and AI generally.

Dataclair’s research activities are focused on medicine. We have established close working links with SOTIO, a biotechnology firm within the PPF group. Through AI, we are helping to develop medicines for cancer patients.

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